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We all know market determines what your home is currently worth, but you definitely want to get every dollar you can to maximize your profit.  In order to do this, you need someone who can Analyze your area's activity, Market your home effectively and Advise you from negotiations to closing. Scroll down & fill out the form to receive a Free Home Evaluation!

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How does your home compare to other listings in the area??

When trying to decide whether to list your home or not, there are several things you need to consider.


Is the average time that it is taking for homes to sell in my area conducive with my time frame for needing or wanting to sell?

Some sellers have the luxury of time on their side to wait for the perfect contract and price to come in and others might need to move right away, maybe for a job transfer.  Knowing what to expect in regards to how quickly the homes are moving in your market will help you plan your pricing and moving plans more efficiently for your needs.


What can I expect my net profit to be once the home has sold?

Taking the recent activity for your neighborhood, average price per square foot along with the features and condition of your home, helps us to determine an estimated sales price/list price. If you are estimated to make less than what makes sense for you financially, then you might want to explore leasing the home out for example, or waiting until the market is more favorable for your needs.  Your home is likely your biggest investment, so knowing when the time is right to capitalize on the maximum profits is crucial.

Analyze your area:

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Once we have analyzed what to expect from your home sale through area research and visiting your home, we're ready to begin the marketing stage of your listing.  Here are a few of the methods and platforms we use give your home max exposure, ensuring that as many people see your home as possible.

  • Websites like MLS,, Trulia, Zillow etc.

  • Virtual Tour for a panoramic view of main areas of the home

  • Indoor and Outdoor Custom Flyers

  • Staging to make sure your home's photos and showings fully accentuate your home's features and functionality

In addition, we also use CSS scheduling service so that showings for your home can be convenient for buyers while still giving you the security of knowing when people will be viewing your home.  We also make several attempts to get feedback from the buyer agents that show the house, so that we can understand where adjustments need to be made.


Marketing your home:

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Advise from contract to close:

As your Listing Agents, we want to help you maximize your profit from the sale of your home.  Of course our resources and staff are always at your disposal, but one of the most important role we play is to advise you through the negotiation phase of each offer you receive. We will use our expertise and knowledge of the market and your competing properties, to fight for the full value your home deserves.


There are many aspects to a real estate transaction.  We want to negotiate with your potential buyers in a way so that as many of the terms, conditions, and most of all PRICE is as much in your favor as possible.

From the point of executing a contract on your home, our contract to close department will be in weekly contact with you, the buyer's agent, title office, etc. to keep everything moving towards the closing table!!


Closing day is exciting but can be stressful for both buyer and seller.  We do everything we can to explain what to expect during the closing process and review the settlement statement to be confirm that all of the details of the contract were fulfilled as agreed upon.

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